4. Waiting for a Train (Jimmie Rodgers, Peer Intl. Corp, ASCAP)

This is one of Jimmie Rodgers’ greatest hits, second only to “T for Texas (Blue Yodel #1).” Nolan Porterfield, in his definitive biography of “America’s Singing Brakeman,” states that though “the lyrics can be traced back to a stage recitation from the mid-1800’s, there is evidence that Jimmie was singing his own version as early as 1925.” The song developed several different names, such as “Danville Girl,” “Wild and Reckless Hobo,” and “Ten Thousand Miles from Home.” While admitting the songs older origins, Ralph Peer, Jimmie’s publisher and producer, comments “…he couldn’t use the old tune because he couldn’t play in that key, so he had to change the key around. It turned out to be a wonderful song, better than the original, actually.” I have always felt that this was one of Jimmie’s most broadly appealing songs. Although I have heard Jimmie’s original recording innumerable times, I have also heard several other versions. I have done the song my own way while trying to maintain the spirit that Jimmie brought to it. And thanks, Jimmie, for every one of your recordings.

Mo Mack: voice & guitar; Lewis Ross: lead guitars, keyboards &, bass; Brian Davis: drums; Suzi Stern: harmony & background vocals