If I Could Be the Rain

9. If I Could be the Rain (Utah Phillips, On Strike Music, ASCAP)

This song was written by Bruce “Utah” Phillips, who by many accounts is a national treasure. This song was one of the first 20 or so tunes I learned, having picked it up from my brother Bill many years ago. I have never heard a recording of this song, although I understand it was recorded by Rosalee Sorrels. The lyrics strike an empty and aching chord that resonates in most folks. I think that there are times each of us would like to be simply absorbed by the natural kingdom to escape the pressures of living; at least I know sometimes I would.

Mo Mack: voice & guitar; Lewis Ross: Weissenborn slide guitar; Skip Parente: fiddle; Brian Davis: drums; Chuck Jacobs: bass; John Boelling: harmony

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