1. Stars in My Crown (David Hanni, Myckle Mirth Music, BMI)
I met David Hanni in the late 60’s when he was a part of a rock and roll group called “The Joyful Noise.” We happened to be playing at the same club the same week and crashing at the same apartment in Cambridge, MA. I don’t actually remember the occasion under which I first heard this song, but I have always believed that it could be very popular once folks hear it. My thanks to The Rebel Voices, AKA Janet Stecher and Susan Lewis, for adding their vocal stylings to this track. These Seattle artists are renown for championing the concerns of women and workers, and boy can they ever sing.
Mo Mack: voice & guitar; Skip Parente: fiddle; Mick Doherty: hammered dulcimer; Carlton Jackson: drums; Frank Gruner: bass; The Rebel Voices: background vocals

Stars in My Crown
I                                               V
How I love to walk alone, at sunset through these hills
IV                            I                                                  V
my heart so light and easy, as the empty spaces fill
I                                       I7                IV
It’s an ancient celebration, to sing in the evening hour
I                                                                                              V
while all of our creation fades away like a summer flower
I    V      I                 IV                    I
Chorus: Will there be any song, any song in my soul
V                      vi                    II                        V
when I’ve got no more rock, and I can no longer roll
I   V        I                 IV                     I
will there be any stars, any stars in my crown
V                I
when the evening sun goes down

Well I used to be a drifter, living only day to day
whichever road went further, I always went that way
but there’s a kind of desperation, that comes to haunt your years
as you weigh them in the balance of your triumphs and your fears

Repeat Chorus

Now as I look back upon my life , I know I have been lost
I’ve learned some kinds of lessons, like flowers from the frost
but there’s a wonderful salvation, to wake up with the sun
and know someone’s beside you ‘til your daily work is done

Repeat Chorus X2

It seems to be impossible to reliably position the chords in the place over the lyrics, so please forgive me. I’ll have to post PDFs with the words and chords in the future. I’m still learning this WordPress thing.

Here are the liner notes for this tune from the CD package: